“In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: Cash and experience. Take the experience first, the cash will come later.”
Harold Geneen, entrepreneur, 1910-1997


Golden Tax assists you so that you can manage your business safely and efficiently.



We take care of your company numbers.


Golden Tax takes care of your company's numbers, carrying out the accounting in accordance with the legal rules in force.

Accounting - Technique for calculating and recording commercial or financial operations carried out by an entity. It plays an essential role in the way a business is managed, as it allows obtaining a realistic knowledge of the financial situation of a company, which is essential for decision-making and, ultimately, for success.

We provide accounting services for all types of companies in our facilities or in your office.




Golden Tax provides specialized tax support with efficiency and accuracy, aiming at optimizing your company's tax practices.




Free yourself from the numbers, we take care of them.

Taxation - System of laws and administrative regulations that organize the collection of taxes in a country. Being attentive and constantly monitoring the tax legislation to understand the best tax options are competitive advantages for entrepreneurs.

Golden Tax guarantees compliance with tax rules and all your reporting obligations, always based on the current legislation.

Human Resources Management

Your company can rely on Golden Tax for the bureaucratic tasks related to the payroll and all the assignments concerning the Administrative Management of Human Resources

Choosing Golden Tax

We make the difference, not only in the conduct of your business, but also in the constant support to clients.